Bay State Baseball Trophy Weekend Rules

Trophy Weekend Games

All Trophy Weekend games will be held at a neutral host site. Requirements to qualify as a host site are as follows:
  • Furnish the necessary number of playing fields to successfully complete the scheduled weekend games (two or three fields). The fields must be properly marked and manicured and have outfield fences.
  • Furnish the name and telephone number of a person who may be contacted for any last minute changes, especially in the event of inclement weather.
  • Receive trophy delivery, provide secured storage space for trophies and an area to conduct trophy presentations.
  • The Division Commissioner or his representative will be the judge as to whether games will be started or postponed as it relates to weather/field conditions.
  • The following shall determine the home team on trophy weekend:
    1. Team with the best standing,
    2. If tied after 1. , team with the best win-loss record in said round,
    3. If tied after 2. , coin toss. A coin toss shall give the winner choice of home or away, or choice of dugouts. The loser shall have a choice of home or away, or dugouts, based on what was selected by the winner.
  • On trophy weekends, a protest shall cause the game to be halted until the issue is resolved by the Division Commissioner or his representative. The decision will be final.

Extra Innings - Tie Games

Trophy Weekend or Tournament of Champions games cannot end in a tie and must be played to conclusion, or:

If the score is tied after six innings, play shall continue into extra innings until there is a winner. Local curfew rules (re; lights, start of an inning), are to be followed

Games may be suspended and finished at a later time/date if time allows. If not possible, use tie-breakers to determine winners.


  1. The manager should immediately notify the home plate umpire of the protest.
  2. The game stops. The manager should clearly explain his basis for the protest, with the Bay State and/or Little League rule book present to reference the claim. Failure to have a copy of either present will not disqualify the protest but presence of such may speed resolution of protest.
  3. The Division Commissioner or his representative resolves the protest before the game continues.
  4. The decision is final.