Paying Umpires

  • Bay State Baseball will provide two umpires for each game. The home team will be responsible for payment of these umpires for all qualifying games. Teams will split the costs of umpires for trophy weekend and Tournament of Champions games, with the exception being the semifinals and finals, wherein the league will pay. Any complaints relative to umpires must be made to the Division Commissioner.
  • 2024 Umpire fees:
  • No local league rules regarding umpire payment shall override Bay State rules.
  • The Division Commissioner must be informed immediately of any rescheduled or canceled games in order to inform the appropriate umpire assigner.
  • If no qualified umpire(s) is available by 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the game, the respective managers have the option of re-scheduling according to available dates or playing the game with a mutually agreed- upon umpire(s). Should the game be rescheduled, the proper Division Commissioner must be notified.
  • The first pitch of the game constitutes the acceptance, by both teams, of the umpires.
  • All umpire fees must be paid prior to the start of the game. If the game is not started due to weather, but the umpires have arrived, they will be entitled to 50% fee.