Forfeits, rule violations and penalties

  1. A forfeited game is a game declared ended in favor of the offended team by the score of 6 to 0, for violation of the rules and regulations. Forfeits, as determined by the Division Commissioner, shall be dealt with immediately.
  2. If a team cannot field 9 official roster players within 15 minutes after the designated starting time for the game, or at any time during the game for whatever reason, a forfeit shall be declared.
  3. If during a game a rule violation (which is a forfeiture offense) occurs, the game is required to end immediately at that point.
  4. Teams forfeiting games during the Bay State schedule will be subject to the following penalties:
    * No show and illegal player violations are subject to appeal
    ** The only exception to the no-show rule is a conflict with a national tournament game
  • A second pitching violation during the season under Rule 5 would result in the team becoming ineligible for the trophy weekend of said round. The manager would also be subject to increased penalties, based on the severity of the violation.

    For any pitching violation, the manager will be subject to the penalty (penalties) whether in attendance at the game in question or not.
  • Other violations which result in forfeiture will be dealt with by the Board of Directors on a per-case basis. Multiple infractions are subject to increased penalties including being barred from trophy weekends, Tournament of Champions and removal from summer schedule entirely. Division Commissioner and Board of Directors will adjudicate such situations.
  • Payment for all penalties can be made via credit card on the web site and must be made no later than four hours before the next scheduled game to avoid forfeiture. Please consult Divisional Director for further clarification. Teams which forfeit games due to any “No Show” violation are obliged to pay for umpires in any such game if said umpires are not notified in time and are present for the game. Should the fee be outstanding at the end of the current Bay State season, the offending league will be charged for said amount.