Tournament of Champions Week Rules

  • The Board of Directors has the right to alter any or all of the following ToC guidelines in order to, in its opinion, fairly handle unique situations.
  • Teams cited for parent abuse (see: CODE OF CONDUCT); shall not qualify for the Tournament of Champions Round. An appeal may be made.
  • Any team which forfeits a ToC game (during the championship week competition) will be charged the appropriate forfeiture fee and will bring their entire program’s participation placed under review.
  • For the A, B, C and D Divisions, a maximum of 8 teams shall qualify for the championship round.  For the A Division only, there will be a single elimination play-in round to determine the 7th  and 8th  seeds.  These games will be held at a neutral site, if possible, on the Saturday prior to ToC week.  The format will be at follows:

    Game 1:   7th  Seed vs. 10th Seed
    Game 2:   8th  seed vs 9th Seed

    The highest seed remaining will receive the 7 th  seed into the ToC.  The final remaining team will receive the 8 th  seed into the ToC.
  • For all Divisions, the championship round will have the eight qualified teams playing in a modified double-elimination format. All games would be at a neutral site. All games aside of Game 1-6 would see the loser eliminated.
    DAY 1
    (1) Seed 1 vs. Seed 8
    (2) Seed 4 vs. Seed 5
    (3) Seed 2 vs. Seed 7
    (4) Seed 3 vs. Seed 6
    DAY 2
    (5) Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 (Highest seed hosts)
    (6) Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4 (Highest seed hosts)
    (7) Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 (Highest seed hosts)
    (8) Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4 (Highest seed hosts)
    DAY 3
    (9) Loser Game 5 vs. Winner Game 8 (Highest seed hosts)
    (10) Loser Game 6 vs. Winner Game 7 (Highest seed hosts)
    (11) Highest-seeded 2-0 team (Winner 5/6) vs. Lowest-seeded 2-1 team (Winner 9/10)
    (12) Lowest-seeded 2-0 team (Winner 5/6) vs. Highest-seeded 2-1 team (Winner 9/10)
    (13) Winner Game 11 vs. Winner Game 12 (Host team would be the team with the better ToC record; if both have same TOC record, the higher-seeded team hosts)
    Note: A Division games would be at home sites on Game days 1 and 2, but at one site on day 3.
  • If the semifinal or final game(s) cannot be played on the originally scheduled day (due to weather or other-related reasons), there will be no extension of the pitching week beyond the originally scheduled dates. Therefore, any games played after the originally scheduled game date will be treated as played on that date.

Seeding for divisions as follows:

Teams shall accrue points over the course of the entire season schedule, from rounds 1-2. For each victory (a tie will receive half of the allotted point{s} for the game) and achievement teams will be awarded a certain point total. These will be based upon achievement and level of play. See chart below for point breakdowns.

(TW stands for Trophy Weekend)

Ties in points within the top 8 (10 for A Division), or between teams tied for last or lower, will be broken by:
  1. Upper Division points in Round 2 (including points won in Trophy Weekend for the B,C,D divisions).
  2. Upper Division Trophies won (B,C,D divisions only)
  3. Head-to-head during the season, with fewest runs allowed the determining factor if teams split.
  4. Coin toss.
Only trophies and awards officially authorized by the Bay State Tournament of Champions shall be given out after the championship games. The following trophies will be awarded for display in their clubhouse, town hall, or wherever the team(s) deem appropriate and must be returned before the start of the following season; the Don Soule Cup (A Division Champion), the Don McGowan Cup (B Division Champion), the Tom Wright Cup (C Division Champion) and the D Division Championship trophy.