Player Safety

Injury Waiver Signature Required for each Player

Bay State Baseball requires the manager of each team to get a signature from EVERY PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN on the Bay State Baseball Player Release and Injury Waiver Form.

Players cannot compete in Bay State Baseball unless the manager has obtained and submitted a signature on the Player Release and Injury Waiver Form for each player. Players may be denied insurance coverage for injuries if such consent is not expressly granted and recorded. Players WILL be withheld from games by Bay State Baseball directors if a parent or legal guardian has not signed the Player Release and Injury Waiver Form.

Managers can print out a signature form from your Enter/Edit Rosters page. Please note that a signature for each player is required every year. If you change your roster between rounds, you must update your form with new signatures.

CORI Checks Must be Performed on all Managers and Coaches

Massachusetts law M.G.L. c. 71, ยง 38R requires all organizations to conduct criminal background checks on current and prospective employees and volunteers who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children. As such, Bay State Baseball Tournament of Champions requires ALL teams to certify, as part their registration procedure, that all teams and town organizations perform Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks on their managers, coaches, scorekeepers and other adults who work with the players. Teams are not allowed to register for the league until they have certified that CORI checks have been performed. Teams are required to keep the results of CORI checks available for inspection by Bay State Baseball directors, to ensure compliance. CORI checking is a requirement of participation. There are no exceptions.

For more help with CORI checking, consult the following resources: than-ten-criminal-records.html

Concussion Awareness and Prevention

The occurrence of concussions in youth sports is increasing dramatically. Everyone associated with youth sports need to be educated about the serious health risks associated with sports concussions and how to recognize and treat concussion signs and symptoms.

Bay State Baseball is taking the following actions:

  1. If a concussion is suspected, the athlete must be immediately removed from play or practice.
  2. If a concussion is suspected or diagnosed, managers/coaches must keep the athlete out of play/practice at least 24 hours and only allow the athlete to return to play when written clearance from a license physician is received.

There are numerous on-line and downloadable resources available regarding concussion awareness, prevention and management. To learn more about concussions in youth sports, Bay State Baseball suggests that all parents, guardians, coaches, umpires and officials complete a free concussion course such as the one from the Center for Disease Control (CDC):