Bay State Baseball How to Reschedule a Game

The Bay State Baseball policies regarding rescheduling games

  1. The only acceptable reasons for game rescheduling are:
    • (a) a conflict with a Ripken or Little League national tournament game (e.g. Districts, States, etc.), and
    • (b) bad weather.
    No other reason (e.g. birthday parties, not enough players, Jimmy Fund tournament conflict, travel, etc.) will be permitted.
  2. It is assumed that teams will know of national tournament conflicts at least the night before games and can notify both commissioners and managers as soon as a conflict is known. Failure to notify as soon as a conflict is known may result in a forfeit.
  3. The only acceptable reason for same-day rescheduling is inclement weather. Postponements must be made 3 hours ahead of scheduled game time to allow the other team and the umpires to be notified. The HOME team makes the final determination regarding field playing conditions related to weather.
  4. Failure to postpone a game due to weather more than 3 hours before game time MAY result in paying umpires a half-fee if they have already left their homes and cannot be recalled.
  5. All rescheduled games MUST be played the next available day, defined as the next day when both teams have no scheduled Bay State games or national tournament games. No exceptions.